Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #26: Robert Takahashi Crouch

Robert Takahashi Crouch’s 2021 album, Jubilee, is special. He upped the ante earlier this year with a collection of reworks from a host stellar artists of album opener (and standout), “A Ritual.” The world of Jubilee continues to grow and evolve and for listeners, the expansive scope is a gift. Crouch adds an additional orbit with this Ritual Variations Mix Tape for Foxy Digitalis. Featuring pieces from the artists that reworked “A Ritual,” it offers another side of the vision, assembled with Crouch’s deft touch and expressive compositional nature.

Jubilee and Ritual Variations are both out now via Room 40. 

Lawrence English – The Jungle
Yann Novak – Again and Again Until We Feel Nothing (Robert Crouch Remix)
Barnett + Coloccia – Healer
Christina Giannone – Stratosphere
Marcus Fischer – The one in the huge room where the kids played the bells
Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck – Myconbiont
Byron Westbrook – Voice Damage II
France Jobin – Sans Repères (Side B)

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