Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann “Mother of Pearl”

Throughout this potent collaboration between Sarah Davachi and Sean McCann, we are waiting for the moment to come. Davachi and McCann are masters of restraint in their solo practice, but with their combined prowess on Mother of Pearl, anticipation, and contemplation become an art form. Hushed whispers shuffle through the room, moving quietly to avoid the specks of dust suspended in the air.  Viola notes scrape … Continue reading Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann “Mother of Pearl”

Sarah Davachi “Antiphonals”

Everything about the stunning, sprawling Antiphonals is washed in a sea of wonder; timeless, gentle, and gripping. Sarah Davachi has an exceptional ability to create immersive sonic enclosures where it feels safe to ponder the heaviest emotions and roam freely within our own minds. Her music isn’t safe, though, it’s the opposite. By creating these enveloping, aural cocoons, Davachi sends us into the darkest reaches unsuspecting. Antiphonals moves … Continue reading Sarah Davachi “Antiphonals”