soccer Committee “Tell From the Grass”

On her first soccer Committee album in 15 years, Mariska Baars’ work continues to take the barest moments and offer them as sonic sacraments to hold gently before they fade away. Over eight songs in under 15 minutes, Baars’ music flits in the air and soothes like a cool breeze. Tell From the Grass is gone before its full impact is felt, a ghost whisper that haunts … Continue reading soccer Committee “Tell From the Grass”

The Repository #3: soccer Committee

An interview with Mariska Baars – an artist I’ve been thinking about recently – from late 2007. There are countless artists and bands that I’ve lost touch with over the years. Whether life simply got in the way or because they moved on to different interests. It’s simply the nature of things. Mariska Baars aka soccer Committee is one of those artists, but she’s been fresh on my mind … Continue reading The Repository #3: soccer Committee