Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #25: Andy Cartwright

Andy Cartwright’s Seabuckthorn project has covered a lot of ground in its 10+ run, but there’s always a liminal feeling to it that I’m helplessly drawn to. Cartwright has an innate feel for otherworldly melodies and a remarkable ability to condense expansive ideas into concise aural structures. His new solo album, Form Less Ness, blooms in similar spaces while bringing an air vulnerability into its expressive glances.

Cartwright’s mix, Music For Being Led Astray (and other ways to depart), covers a lot of ground in an hour. He assembles it in such a way that familiar songs take on new forms and unknown expressions become intimate connections. It’s fantastic.  

Andy Cartwright’s Form Less Ness comes out tomorrow via A Quiet Room. It would be a fantastic addition to your Bandcamp Day cart.

Conor C. Ellis – He Ran Faster and Faster
Picnic – dewey
Michel Banabila – Coral Reef
Mariska Baars / Rutger Zuydervelt – Eau
KMRU – rimpa dusk
Perila – Untilted
None – Khne Khne Thnacapata Thnacapata
Mattias De Craene – Lady Dady
Space Afrika – Lose You Beau
Jake Muir – reservoir of memory
QOW – Morr
TIBSLC – The Touch of Your Toes
Olli Aarni – Valaistu latu
Marcus Fischer – Wave Atlas
Viul – Outside the Dream World
Taylor Dupree – February
Florian T M Zeisig – Been Listening A Lot

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