Machinefabriek “CM_30 (Music for a performance by Kolja Huneck)”

My history with Rutger Zuydervelt’s Machinefabriek project goes back at least 15 years. His discography is sprawling, intimidating really, but the good news is any entry point is a good entry point. That being said, this new score for a light and juggling performance by German circus artist Kolja Huneck stands out as one of my absolute favorite releases he’s done. Zuydervelt’s compositions on CM_30 are shrouded … Continue reading Machinefabriek “CM_30 (Music for a performance by Kolja Huneck)”

The Repository #3: soccer Committee

An interview with Mariska Baars – an artist I’ve been thinking about recently – from late 2007. There are countless artists and bands that I’ve lost touch with over the years. Whether life simply got in the way or because they moved on to different interests. It’s simply the nature of things. Mariska Baars aka soccer Committee is one of those artists, but she’s been fresh on my mind … Continue reading The Repository #3: soccer Committee