Machinefabriek “CM_30 (Music for a performance by Kolja Huneck)”

My history with Rutger Zuydervelt’s Machinefabriek project goes back at least 15 years. His discography is sprawling, intimidating really, but the good news is any entry point is a good entry point. That being said, this new score for a light and juggling performance by German circus artist Kolja Huneck stands out as one of my absolute favorite releases he’s done.

Zuydervelt’s compositions on CM_30 are shrouded in shadow, grey tones blinking at the darkness and shading the machinations behind the curtain. Ever so often, shards of color bleed out like the aqueous effervescence on “CM_30_II” and the hopeful pads on “CM_30_IV.” This added ephemera is weightless and propels the movement forward, forever searching the skies for a stray bit of sun. 

There are infinite textural layers stacked maze-like on top of each other, synthetic tones swaying erratic rhythm in slow motion as the world outside moves at lightspeed. CM_30 is like being stuck inside a quiet moment or a stolen glance. Life is at a standstill. “CM_30_VII” snakes around a familiar theme, a sleepy dance against the melancholy. Zuydervelt loops intertwined harmonies into a downward spiral, inching gently toward the door and hoping there’s still something left outside to gree him. CM_30 is a beautiful, haunting release.

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