Foxy Digitalis Mix #14: Rambutan

Eric Hardiman aka Rambutan is a bit of Foxy Digitalis royalty in some ways. He wrote for the previous incarnation of Foxy Digitalis for years and we did several releases together on each other’s labels. In recent years, Hardiman has continued putting out great sounds on Tape Drift (he just released a new batch last week! I recommend Steve Flato’s Microtonal Guitar especially) while cranking out stellar music as Rambutan and … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #14: Rambutan

Night Sky Body “Recurring”

When I heard this was a new dawn from Frank Baugh (Sparkling Wide Pressure, etc), I was excited but unsure of what to expect. Over the years, Sparkling Wide Pressure has been an evolving, always-pushing-forward kind of project. But I also get it – sometimes you need a fresh start or have ideas you want to pursue that are way out in another direction. Whatever … Continue reading Night Sky Body “Recurring”