Foxy Digitalis Mix #14: Rambutan

Eric Hardiman aka Rambutan is a bit of Foxy Digitalis royalty in some ways. He wrote for the previous incarnation of Foxy Digitalis for years and we did several releases together on each other’s labels. In recent years, Hardiman has continued putting out great sounds on Tape Drift (he just released a new batch last week! I recommend Steve Flato’s Microtonal Guitar especially) while cranking out stellar music as Rambutan and as part of Spiral Wave Nomads and Sky Furrows. Earlier this year, he released Rambutan’s Parallel Systems, a huge collaboration sound collage project featuring contributions from 69 different artists. It’s such an impressive project that it’s hard to get my head around. I asked Eric to put together a mix featuring music from a lot of these artists and, suffice to say, the result absolutely rips. Sit back and dig in and, in the meantime, pick up a copy of Parallel Systems immediately!


1) Anla Courtis – Prelude
2) Insect Factory – Decay
3) Fossils From the Sun – Breath of Breath
4) Sindre Bjerga – Slow Collapse 1
5) Antti Tolvi – Sateen Teko
6) Shisk – Silver Lemon
7) Parashi – Libro Nihil
8) Andreas Brandal – Restoring Darkness
9) Pefkin – Liminal Light
10) Amon Dude – The Basement Tapes
11) Ashtray Navigations – Fancy Water
12) Sleepwalkers Local 242 – Period of Grace
13) Fordell Research Unit – Lost Times 03
14) Old Million Eye – Alfar from Afar
15) Usurper – Right
16) Jefferson Pitcher – Repeater Part II
17) Howard Stelzer – This is Not a Pipe
18) Sandy Milroy – Diddent Last
19) Derek Rogers – Cirrus
20) ckdh – Needles Left Side (excerpt)
21) Holland Hopson – Just Like Today Only Slower
22) Andrew Paine – Flower Moon
23) Turner Williams Jr. – Appuyez Sur Le Champignon 5
24) Matt Weston – You’ve Got To Know How To Wear A Hat
25) Jaded Azurites – No One Else is a Diamond
26) Joe+N – the Dragnofly Incident
27) Immara – Perturbation 2
28) Sparkling Wide Pressure – Window Breaks
29) Pete Fosco – Arctic Fires
30) Mike Bullock – Solo M2
31) Belltone Suicide – Be Not Deceived
32) Bell Lungs – Phosphodendrophobia
33) Rust Worship – Groundward (excerpt)

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