Rosali “No Medium”

When I heard that Rosali worked with David Nance’s band on her new record, No Medium, it’s an understatement to say that I got excited. I can’t think of a much better match. Her songs carry considerable emotional weight and Nance’s group holds them up without fail. Lyrical arrows lament and celebrate the work it takes to grow and, ultimately, find self-acceptance beneath the incessant … Continue reading Rosali “No Medium”

Weekly Video Break – April 9

Welcome to the weekly video recap. Well, I hope it’ll be weekly, but if not it will be close. This week there’s three fantastic videos from loscil, Rosali, and Sarah Louise. Dig in. A new record from loscil, called Clara, will be out May 28th. It’s a stunning album. This video is for the first song on the album and should get the hairs on the back of your … Continue reading Weekly Video Break – April 9

Yasmin Williams Lights Up the World

An interview with one of the most innovative solo guitarists around. Yasmin Williams makes guitar music unlike anything else I’ve heard. Though I just learned about her work earlier this year, I’ve been totally enthralled. What strikes me most about Williams music isn’t just that her technical ability is almost beyond comprehension – she dances around a fretboard in new, unheard ways with endless grace – … Continue reading Yasmin Williams Lights Up the World

Yasmin Williams “Urban Driftwood”

Sometimes I hear a piece of music that instantly evokes such a vivid, vibrant world of imagination in the first few minutes that I have no choice to write something about it. Spellbinding as the moment is, it’s hard to do it justice, but for me, there’s still an intense desire to try; to find words and ideas that will, at the very least, recall … Continue reading Yasmin Williams “Urban Driftwood”