Weekly Video Break – April 9

Welcome to the weekly video recap. Well, I hope it’ll be weekly, but if not it will be close. This week there’s three fantastic videos from loscil, Rosali, and Sarah Louise. Dig in.

A new record from loscil, called Clara, will be out May 28th. It’s a stunning album. This video is for the first song on the album and should get the hairs on the back of your neck standing in no time.

I am damn excited about Rosali’s new album, No Medium, that’s out next month on SPINSTER. “Pour Over Ice” is the second single from the record and this video by Eva Killinger and Playin’ Possum of Long Hots does such a good job of encapsulating the vibe of the record. No Medium arrives on May 7th and it’s quickly become one of my favorites this year.

Lastly, Sarah Louise premiered this video for “If You Build a Pond the Frogs Will Come” from her forthcoming album on Thrill JockeyEarth Bow. Of note, the video was created by Foxy Digitalis fave, Katrina Ohstromwho did all the fantastic Garden Portal videos we premiered last month. It’s an enchanting video that makes me want to go get lost in the woods immediately. Earth Bow is out on April 30th.