Video Premiere: Fruit LoOops “Worthington”

Globules of neon-soaked sonic decimation are like a warm, enveloping greeting from the opening thrall of “Worthington,” off Fruit LoOops‘ stellar 2022 album, Last Chance at the Pharmacy. Skittering rhythms careen through blacked-out corridors, shifting the trajectories of a thousand angular guitar shards. All the pieces come together like a surrealist sonic sculpture fitted with broken glass dreams. Cathartic frenzy pours out of director Sam Jayne’s vivid … Continue reading Video Premiere: Fruit LoOops “Worthington”

New Monuments “Language is the Skin”

Throw together a soup of Don Dietrich, Ben Hall, Tony Gordon, and Camille Dietrich, and the resulting fire shouldn’t come as a surprise. Language is the Skin is an absolute sonic assault, blitzing through misery fields and kaleidoscopic razor wire to blaze a bleeding path into dystopia. New Monuments always have their own shred style, but the palette shifts and expands with Tony Gordon and Camille Dietrich … Continue reading New Monuments “Language is the Skin”