Video Premiere: Fruit LoOops “Worthington”

Globules of neon-soaked sonic decimation are like a warm, enveloping greeting from the opening thrall of “Worthington,” off Fruit LoOops‘ stellar 2022 album, Last Chance at the Pharmacy. Skittering rhythms careen through blacked-out corridors, shifting the trajectories of a thousand angular guitar shards. All the pieces come together like a surrealist sonic sculpture fitted with broken glass dreams. Cathartic frenzy pours out of director Sam Jayne’s vivid spectacle starring Fruit LoOops’ vocalist Jackie Switzer. Equal parts psychedelic dinner party and unhinged fever dream, this is one hell of a rabbit hole. With Fruit LoOops pushing full speed toward a kaleidoscopic wall, “Worthington” is utterly uninterested in restraint. Set it all free. 

Last Chance at the Pharmacy is out now on Torn Light Records. Stream below and pick up a copy HERE.

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