Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #5

I am excited to welcome the Ancient Child show to Foxy Digitalis. I’ve enjoyed their mixes tremendously in recent months, and the sonic spaces they explore fit right into the site’s building blocks. New shows will come through every other Wednesday. Their mixes are also available to stream via YouTube HERE. Tracklist:Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness – Protected By The Ejaculation of SerpentsThe Transcendence Orchestra – … Continue reading Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #5

Weston Olencki “Old Time Music”

The path between the past and future is rarely a straight line. Weston Olencki’s Old Time Music is a dissection, time capsule, and crystal ball all wrapped into one. Taking familiar sounds and channeling them through matrices that are time-traveling mechanisms from a distant future, but imbued with a spirit from faded history, Olencki causes us to pause and reconsider the interconnected nature of American musical tradition … Continue reading Weston Olencki “Old Time Music”

Video Premiere: UNIONBLOCK “Brick Whittle” + “Coupler Pt. 2”

UNIONBLOCK, the duo of Weston Olencki and Jack Langdon, comfortably situate themselves within a vortex of dichotomies on their debut. Thetford, named after the town in Vermont where the duo recorded, mixes Olencki’s sharp, discordant prepared banjo odysseys with Langdon’s somewhat more restrained organ workouts. Together the disparate palettes – one grating and jarring, the other softer and hollow – deconstruct the space around the sound. … Continue reading Video Premiere: UNIONBLOCK “Brick Whittle” + “Coupler Pt. 2”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #7: Jeff Tobias

Like Jeff Tobias’s fantastic Recurring Dream, this mix goes into all sorts of different zones. It never feels disconnected or random, always held together by a flowing thread. Beyond that, the way Tobias pieces the tracks together and the different sonic elements of each track, it’s reminiscent of Recurring Dream, or at least carries that same spirit throughout.  Here’s some context directly from Jeff: I’ve tried to … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #7: Jeff Tobias