Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #7: Jeff Tobias

Like Jeff Tobias’s fantastic Recurring Dream, this mix goes into all sorts of different zones. It never feels disconnected or random, always held together by a flowing thread. Beyond that, the way Tobias pieces the tracks together and the different sonic elements of each track, it’s reminiscent of Recurring Dream, or at least carries that same spirit throughout. 

Here’s some context directly from Jeff:

I’ve tried to find the original quote many times over the years, so maybe it’s mangled or misattributed in my mind, but I seem to recall Mike Watt saying something along these lines: “Music is one of the less oppressive latticeworks binding people together.” This playlist feels like that to me – a beautiful web of artists reaching across space and time. It’s beautiful to me because all of these musicians are people who have inspired me beyond language, some of whom I know personally, some of whom I will never meet. Some of them are alive, others are not. Some of them are masters who I’ve studied in-depth, and others are totally mysterious to me. Music is the tradition that binds them together, and it’s a tradition that I’m personally made very proud to be a part of, due in no small part to these artists.

Recurring Dream is out now.

Company Flow – D.P.A. (As Seen on Television)
Georgia Ann Muldrow – Old Jack Swing
Maerly Goud – Perfection
Mr. Mitch – Make Time (feat. Duval Timothy)
Uppertiers – Europan
Stice – Touch the Cloth
ellen o – Few Slept. I Ate Spring
Company Flow – D.P.A. (As Seen on Television)
Weston Olencki – for trumpet
JJMF – By the Water
Loraine James – LorIAne James
Arthur Russell – “Instrumentals” Volume 1 (Track One)
Height Keech – This Brutal World is the Only World There Is
Company Flow – D.P.A. (As Seen on Television)

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