Video Premiere: George Cory Todd “I See You”

On quiet mornings, the light moves in such a way that it’s as though an opening to a new world appears. “I See You,” the first single from George Cory Todd’s new album on Atlantic Rhythms, The Other Kind, imbues this passageway with elegant sonic textures. Emotive tonal arrangements promise a different kind of dawn on the other side, but each electronic glitch makes those assurances … Continue reading Video Premiere: George Cory Todd “I See You”

What Do You Hear? : An Interview With Zekarias Thompson

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. At the conclusion of this interview, Zekarias Thompson turned the tables on me and put a question to me about his incredible debut, Goodnight Shiva. “My question is, as you engage with Goodnight Shiva, what do you hear when listening to yourself?” I still owe him an answer and so here it … Continue reading What Do You Hear? : An Interview With Zekarias Thompson

Zekarias Thompson “Goodnight Shiva”

An inner dialogue winds through Zekarias Thompson’s magnificent debut, Goodnight Shiva. Meditations on isolation and reconnection; the alignment of self-perception and outward realities become reveries where immersive listening reveals a river that runs beneath it all. Thompson’s hand guides this journey. He ruminates on blackness and what all that can mean as he uses these sonic expressions to find a wave of peace within his own … Continue reading Zekarias Thompson “Goodnight Shiva”