Video Premiere: George Cory Todd “I See You”

On quiet mornings, the light moves in such a way that it’s as though an opening to a new world appears. “I See You,” the first single from George Cory Todd’s new album on Atlantic Rhythms, The Other Kind, imbues this passageway with elegant sonic textures. Emotive tonal arrangements promise a different kind of dawn on the other side, but each electronic glitch makes those assurances feel imperfect and sometimes hollow. Todd’s music is soft around the edges where the temporal drift is hazy, but within its steely core is a determination to push through the turbulence and find out what waits beyond.

George Cory Todd and Zekarais Thompson in Oakland on Saturday, June 18th. More info HERE. Todd’s new album, The Other Kind, will be released on June 17 and pre-ordered HERE.

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