Teresa Winter “Love Crime”

One of these days I am going to do a feature on Boomkat’s Documenting Sound series because it’s been an unbelievable run (that shows no sign of stopping). They released a number of my favorite releases through the series in 2020 (Heather Leigh’s Glory Days is unreal). Teresa Winter’s Love Crime continues their winning streak with this futuristic, moody trip through an alternate reality I wish I was living in right now.

“Dripping In Time’s Fluid” might be my favorite song title in the last long while. Even better, the track sounds exactly like I’d imagine something called “Dripping In Time’s Fluid” should sound like. Looping synths boot up as neon lights fade in the distance, memories of another place before the world burned down. It plays like an intro in some ways, but damn if I can’t get these odd, barely there melodies out of my head.

Winter deep dives into the cold corners of isolation on “It Isn’t My Game.” Methodic beats plod and skitter across the bare, empty dance floor while her voice hovers like a lost ghost above the fray. Awash in longing and heartbreak, there’s something universal that taps into the constantly-growing sense of loss the last 11 months have brought on. Following it up with a cover of The Skatalites and Margarita Mahfood’s “Woman A Come” is a nice touch, the dub-soaked bassline pushing my anxiety to the breaking point. Most of us are feeling a bit trapped right now and the combination of these two tracks makes me desperate to get out.

All’s not dark on Love Crime; some lights are still on. Closer “fn” offers a glimpse of what’s still out there, maybe not around the next corner or the one after that, but it’s there and inside the glossy pads and angelic, echoing vocals is a promise for a better day.