City of Dawn “Avenoir”

I also released an album called Avenoir recently so I was already biased toward City of Dawn’s album of the same name because, well… it’s a great word. On City of Dawn’s Avenoir, a hazy  spirit permeates the entire affair. Cool, airy drones overlay field recordings, all swimming in an echoing, gauzy pool. This is morning music. Wistful lamentations hover on the enchanting “Solivgant,” a gentle song hanging over an endless abyss. It sings with sadness, hoping each breath is not the last as it unfolds a glacial pace. “Euphoria” is the flipside, the sound I imagine when bright rays of sun pierce through overcast skies for the first time in days. It promises something better on a bed of beaming synths. City of Dawn create worlds I want to inhabit and explore and Avenoir is a lovely introduction to their work.