Montgomery & Turner “Sounds Passing Through Circumstances”

‘Drifting’ is the word I keep coming back to as I sail through Jayve Montgomery and Nick Turner’s Sounds Passing Through Circumstances. Duets for mellotron and flute and saxophone (with effects) that are weightless under starlit night skies as you watch your frozen breath float into the crisp, cold air. Montgomery and Turner are in tune with the harmony of the spheres.

Each side-long piece gets deep into meditative hinterlands where thoughts turn inward. Emerald mists from Turner’s mellotron shroud Montgomery’s distant star gazing, his effects-laden flute growing into a web of light. Repetition wields a soft sword on “Circumstance 01,” with flickering, faint percussive elements providing the guideposts as the duo intertwines layers of cosmic, reverb-soaked sound. Montgomery takes off into the cosmos on “Circumstance 02,” piercing through the synthetic aural haze with passages of moving, reflective notes. Sequences of time fall into eternity as you lose yourself to the enveloping sonic stream of consciousness. 

Sounds Passing Through Circumstances is music for inner reflection. Close your eyes, open your heart and mind and new worlds will materialize. Sacred spaces are endless if you ride on these hypnotic, ethereal waves.