Sam Wagster “The Sun Return”

I heard about this beautiful slab of pedal steel and synth drone from Jen Powers and it’s been getting me into a calmer headspace this week. Wagster molds these two extended pieces into soaring space music pressing toward the endless horizon. “Falling Into Itself” smooths out the sonic edges, drifting like an enchanted aural river. This music is huge and as it shifts and sprawls you are swaddled. Everything meanders in slow motion, unfolding like alien molasses in an affecting and strangely comforting way. On the title track, Wagster is more ebullient, reaching his arms toward the heavens in celebration. There’s a distant heaviness that emerges, reminding  me of the feeling I get watching a huge storm roll in; the feeling of anticipating, waiting for the moment to wash over you. The Sun Return is a beautiful piece of work.