Tomin “My Great Predecessors, Vol. 1”

I admittedly don’t know much about Tomin Perea-Chamblee, but am thankful to have found his work (via International Anthem’s twitter account!). My Great Predecessors, Vol. 1 is a captivating homage to his maternal grandmother that is filled with whimsy, sadness, joy, pain, confusion, and everything in between. Over 11 short pieces (the longest is just over two minutes), Tomin weaves simple melodies into powerful expressions. Even though each piece is dedicated to ‘composers and musicians who have shaped’ Tomin, the raw emotion throughout is what is most captivating. For instance, “Come Sunday, Soprano (for Ellington and Dolphy)” combines aspects of each, but ultimately it’s the heartbreak and loss that drives it forward and etches itself into your very being. My Great Predecessors, Vol. 1 is unforgettable and will leave a mark. (I also highly recommend visiting the release page and reading his words about his grandmother).