Kim’s Spirit/DupSys “Animism”

Lee Noble has long been a favorite of mine and his newest project, Kim’s Spirit, continues that theme. His two contributions to the ghostly hypnotic Animism, are soft but deep. “Iso” layers synths and electronics with field recordings, channeling some Terry Riley vibes in parts, walking the line between contemplation and frisky. It’s wonderful. Minimal, hollow percussion accents the ponderous “Blink,” offsetting the measured, somnolent synthesizer drone. Flipping it over, DupSys (a new name to me), rides the astral wave to new planes of conscious thought. Watery textures wash over meditative electronics and spectral vocal incantations on “Yamamizu,” creating a lush sound world in alien jungles. There’s so much happening that it’s chaotic, but in a lovely, peaceful way. By the time you reach the dense radiance of “Vow,” it’s time to drift off to another planet entirely. Magnificent.