Future Museums “Pre-Form”

Everything about this new joint from Neil Lord’s Future Museums goes down smooth and I find myself wishing I could swim inside it’s warm, inviting tones. Lord has always made music that sits right in my sweet spot: expansive synth explorations, an ear for melody, and knowing when to say when. By that last comment I mean that his songs always stay just long enough, but are never drawn out for no reason. It’s an underrated talent. Pre-Form may be his finest work yet. “Sleeping Python Hymn” is a lush world of bass arpeggios and soaring chord changes that welcomes you with open arms where “Unseen Mirage” is an underwater journey laden with vivid colors and exotic creatures. As Lord closes the album with the exquisite “11:11,” the heavens swell as the universe bids you well along your astral journey. I absolutely love this album.