The Modern Folk “Primitive Future / Lyran Group”

I’ve been wanting to do a write-up of something from this excellent recent Eiderdown batch, but keep getting sidetracked. No more! The Modern Folk is such an aptly named project. On Primitive Future / Lyran Group they grip the reins and follow the smoke into backwoods meditations and wilderness romps. The organic feeling throughout the A Side drifts like vapor winding through dense forests at dawn, the sun not yet awake enough to burn off the haze. Through a wide variety of instrumentation – from acoustic guitar and violin to kalimba and synth, the landscapes shift as if they are shadows changing shape throughout the day. When the B Side gets plugged in and turned on, though, it soars. Electric guitar rattles with synth drones, breaking blues modes down into cosmic debris. It’s excellent. Close your eyes and let The Modern Folk light the fire below to send you skyward.