East of the Valley Blues “Kirkfield Non”

Brothers Kevin and Patrick Cahill concoct a blues-infused jamboree that mixes acid-fried jams with southern flavored charm. Kirkfield Non is a fun romp down dirt roads and back alleys with the duo glowing on “Automatic Biography.” Combining earnest electric guitar journeys and intimate acoustic picking makes for a claustrophobic, but oddly soothing jaunt. Kevin and Patrick play off each other beautifully, knowing when to pull back or when to push ahead. “Joujoux Est” is an understated yet delightful foot-tapping romp while the double acoustic approach of the title track is slightly melancholic while still hopeful until the ending breakdown that’s perfectly muddled with gnarly field recordings, giving off a ‘fuck it, let’s just embrace chaos.” Once the wind blown digs fade into oblivion, the brothers bring it all to a clean, understated close. Kirkfield Non is a fun, immersive little ride.