Mold Omen “Milk Can’t Die”

I think Mold Omen is the only band – at least that I’m aware of – to exist because of Foxy Digitalis. The duo comprised of Andy Livingston and Mike Pursley met when they were both writing for the previous incarnation of the site and a decade later, they’re still cranking out the jams. On Milk Can’t Die, the duo get weird as hell. On opener “Gloom Operator,” synthetic bleeps and blips devolve into ritualistic crunching jams and sonic space debris. It’s got a real paranoid vibe to it. “Helium Kit” skirts that snarling, blasted-out line well, but ultimately is the sound of a computerized orchestra dying while living its best life. Horror soundtracks get extolled and eulogized on “Animal Mapping,” an ugly dichotomy of churning metal flesh and fuzzed-out drones. It’s pretty great, honestly, but it certainly won’t make you feel good. Mold Omen manage to sound like their name would imply, impressively. I don’t think anything good is going to come from Milk Can’t Die because it feels downright possessed, but that’s what will keep me coming back for more.