S A D “Children of the Sun”

Vlad Dobrovolski has made some of my favorite electronic music in the last couple years. His work is always strange and unexpected, exploring new ideas and never settling into a singular vein of sound. S A D, a collaboration with Vasiliy Stepanov, continues with that trend. Children of the Sun is a crystal clear pool rippling through the heat of summer. Light shifts and bounces off the water, refracting into prismatic beauty. Glassine tones act like drips from the sun, teeming with aural brilliance, shimmering clouds moving over minimal orchestral pads. Nothing makes sense but everything goes together. Dobrovolski and Stepanov create synthetic futuristic worlds that are still organic and bathed in green. It’s such joyous music that feels alive, gallivanting through a distant future world where every crevice is filled with organic life. Details set Children of the Sun apart; these intricate, complex compositions are easy to get lost in and float away on psychic dreams. Wonderful.