Hassan Abdur-Razzaq “Angles of Perception”

On this trio recording, creative fires burn bright as bandleader and saxophonist Hassan Abdur-Razzaq runs ragged with his alto and tenor steaming through six killer tracks. Bassist Mario Bosca and drummer Gerard Cox do a fantastic job of giving Abdur-Razzaq a massive foundation to bowl over and blow apart. On “Aftermath and Renewal,” Bosca’s bowed bass creates sprawling drones that Abdur-Razzaq picks apart with precision. There’s a snarl to the piece that’s purifying. Elsewhere, “Pepper It” is an all-out assault with Cox blitzing rapidfire rhythms underneath the growl of Bosca’s bass while Abdur-Razzaq blows his heart out. Closer “Rip, Dip, Dive” finds more contemplative moments through minimalist passages of just bass and percussion, with Abdur-Razzaq laying down his horn after a few minutes of mesmerizing runs. In all, Angles of Perception is an exciting new album from this unheralded group. Check it out.