Yama Yuki / Darisbo / Crise Vitória “Gibon”

It’s mid-April and it’s snowing outside right now, a real rarity for Tulsa. I’m over it, though. I’m over the cold, grey gloom in ways I never expected to experience. This kind of weather is usually my sweet spot, the place where I would choose to spend most of my days. Not this year. Not right now. With Gibon, on Fort Evil Fruit, Yama Yuki drops you into that world before trying like hell to break you out. Comprised of processed and manipulated recordings by Guilherme Darisbo and his noise-alias, Crise Vitória, Gibon is reconceptualizes this pieces through Yuki’s lens. As a result, darkness is shattered with screaming synth loops and disembodied, deconstructed voices buried under heavy drones. Machine-like tones gurgle underneath, a reminder that if you can’t escape to the sky, the ground is going to open up and swallow you. It’s a strange, uninviting universe on Gibon, but that just pushes me to explore it further.