The Electric Rubicon #2: Gold Leaf Branches

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I did not expect to be posting a second episode of The Electric Rubicon so quickly, but sometimes serendipitous things happen. On Saturday I was doing some research/digging for another future episode and remembered the three Elephant Micah CDRs that Time-Lag released back the mid-2000s. That, in turn, reminded me of the song he gave me for Gold Leaf Branches, a massive 3CD compilation I released on Digitalis in 2005. I pulled out my copy of the compilation and was amazed because I’d forgotten about many of the songs on it. It was a feast of great tunes from that period in experimental music with exclusive tracks from so many artists. I thought an episode focused on the compilation would be fun and now here we are. It was easier to turn this one around quickly since most of the research was already in my head.

So here we are. Episode #2 featuring Gold Leaf Branches. This only scratches the surface of some great stories surrounding Digitalis, but perhaps those will come out in various way down the road. Unfortunately I don’t have any copies available, but you can find a handful on Discogs. For now, enjoy.


Six Organs of Admittance “Thousand Birds
Stuart Busby “First Steps” (behind)
Drekka “Possibilities (live @ VPRO)”
The Lost Domain “Death Dances”
Hala Strana “Fanfare”
The Golden Oaks “Grower’s Communion” (behind)
Hush Arbors “Far Away I Have Been”
Wood & Wand “Death Dealer Blues (feat. The Rose)”
The North Sea “Guiwenneth of the Green Grass”
Silvester Anfang “Corporelijck punieren” (behind)
Elephant Micah “Ruination of the Runaways”
Friendly Keys “Sea Lions”
Timothy, Revelator “Friday Morning”
The Magicak Folk of the Faraway Tree “Being Here Has Caused Me Sorrow”
Keijo “Moving Beyond” (behind)
James Blackshaw “No Ghosts”
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood “Missing Peace”
WOLFMANGLER “I Dance Because She Likes It”
Charalambides “Voice Box”
Claypipe “Amongst Slow Dust of 60 Years” (behind)
Lau Nau “Hidas Kuula”
Hertta Lussa Ässaä “Live at Potlatch”
Maniacs Dream “Wayke Up”
Kuupuu “Haava”
Terracid “Distant Cousins” (behind)
The Gray Field Recordings “Rune of the Moon and Endymion”

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