Deantoni Parks “Alright Okay”

Scratched-out rhythms fade into searing synth laments on the beautifully downhearted “Alright Okay.” Deantoni Parks’ latest is apparently a bit of a preview of a forthcoming EP (can’t wait!), but these 5 ½ minutes stretch into the horizon. Once the synths and plodding beat combine,  Parks hypnotically insists in a whisper, “I’m alright. I’m okay,” even if the woozy gloom flowing underneath suggests otherwise. Bass notes grow like bamboo shoots, rapidly overtaking the space before orchestral stabs and guitar wails poke holes in the murk. It’s incredible how many elements Parks choreographs, but nothing feels out of control. It’s all mesmerizing and transcendent. “Alright Okay” is a dense, heartfelt beacon and I can’t stop flitting around its heavenly call.