CC Sorensen “Water Angels”

Water Angels is a perfect title for this new EP by San Antonio’s CC Sorensen. Submerged melodies haunt the spectral oceans, searching for new coral crevices to etch their names on. The title track is blissfully aqueous, gooey synths and crystalline chimes conveying the feeling of floating lazily through imagined worlds beneath vividly pink skies. Glitched-out digital undercurrents add an ominous layer, a hidden reminder that it’s all a simulation. Field recordings of bubbling creeks and hollering birds envelope melancholic piano chords on “Jupiter Horse,” while the matrix continues to fight back beneath. I’m such a sucker for the dichotomy of harsh electronic synthesis and natural sound that “Jupiter Horse” demands repeated listens. Sorenson brings it home with the sad and lush “Twilight Dream;” future jazz made by AI androids lamenting the day they axed us all and knowing they can never turn back time. It’s so strange and wonderful. Water Angels makes a heavy impression with just three songs and leaves me excited to hear what Sorensen does next. 

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