Andrew Tuttle and Padang Food Tigers “A Cassowary Apart”

Blissful and earthy ambience wraps itself in circles in the opening moments of this lovely collaboration between Padang Food Tigers and Andrew Tuttle. It’s impressive how seamlessly Tuttle fits into the Padang Food Tigers landscape as if he’d always been a part of the band. Throughout A Cassowary Apart, lush, elegiac sound worlds are kissed by sunlight and stretch to the horizon and beyond. Opulent acoustics flicker like light off a placid creek on “Elphin Cantle,” inviting anyone within earshot to lay, eyes closed, and drift away in the glowing ambiance. “Wednesdays Elders” submerges beneath the tidal pools, wind rustling the water into massive, shifting sonic washes, blurring gently-held notes to infinity. There’s something vaguely melancholic woven throughout, but the peaceful sounds of insects and birds soothe any trepidation in the end. So many paths diverge from the central tonal palette of A Cassowary Apart, the trio showing off a diverse set of moods and textures. Piano chords put a quiet exclamation on “An Appropriate Bluff,” entrenched below a layer of tense, bowed strings while “Bespoke Privoso” longs for a new dawn with gilded synths and contemplative guitar. A Cassowary Apart is a beautiful album from this natural pairing of artists who continue to bathe our world in lovely rich harmony.

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