Sam Gas Can “WORM FOOD”

Ten seconds into WORM FOOD and I am completely under the spell of these aqueous arpeggios. Sam Gas Can recorded WORM FOOD during a 2019 residency at WORM Klangendum Sound Studio in Rotterdam and this short collection of pieces is the result. Throughout, electronic worlds reveal themselves, painting landscapes in neon colors against a midnight blue sky. 

A lot of ground is covered on WORM FOOD, though sonically it all digs into free-flowing electronic exploratory zones. Sine waves pluck clouds from the heavens on “DIRT NAP,” evolving into rotating squares revolving around an invisible center. Radiant oscillations climb and descend at a relaxed speed, prisms stuck in one position but gleaming for all the world to see. Sam pries the shards loose, freeing the underwater gamelan for “BELLY UP!” to hypnotize. 

Formless passages highlight the title track, though each section shines in its melodic foundations. This music is strange and erratic, but in a way that’s engaging and, oddly, catchy. Sure, it’s got a bit of an academic vibe to it, but more than that WORM FOOD is fun as hell. By the end, when bubbly disjointed rhythms force their way to the front, there’s not much else to do but thrash around in spastic glee. 

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