Puppy Seeds “Beautiful Town”

The sun is shining and a rainbow prism is glimmering through the leaves as Puppy Seeds’ lush Beautiful Town crackles to life. On four short, playful songs, Nadine Carina exudes the simple pleasures found by rediscovering moments where we feel safe and warm. “Sunday” bops through a maze-like aural obstacle course as Carina wordlessly sings above the fray, dancing with birds chirping in the sky. Arpeggios mix with quiet rain, reaching sonic tendrils heavenward to stay in this place a little while longer. It’s lovely and a little heartbreaking. Each short vignette is like a single breath, changing speed and shape in the ethereal flow. Acoustic guitars glide along the surface of opener “Outside” before coming full-circle with closer, “Green,” where Carina quietly plucks the strings, singing sweet goodbyes to the magic we have to leave behind.

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