Track Premiere: Future Museums “Hum Body”

Neil Lord’s Future Museums project has been a favorite astral companion recently and with “Hum Body,” he finds new networks for transcendence. Lord’s work always finds companionship with celestial bodies, tapping into energy flows that connect distant points of light across the universe. With this initial view of his first-ever vinyl release from the great Aural Canyon label, Harpoon of Sunlight, Lord is soaring. Gentle rhythms follow hypnotic basslines deep into the boiling cosmic desert, cradling the electrifying synth sequences that glow neon. Ethereal pads glide across the surface, coating everything in a crystalline haze while embracing the beauty of this singular moment and finding new ways to come together. “Hum Body” is divine.

Harpoon of Sunlight is available for pre-order now from Aural Canyon and officially releases on September 17th with spellbinding cover art and design from Samantha Wendel. This is the first vinyl release of both Future Museums and Aural Canyon. 

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