Foxy Digitalis Mix #2: Nick Storring

Nick Storring has released fantastic albums on labels like Orange Milk, Notice, and Scissor Tail among others. Last year’s full-length, My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell, is transportive, taking listeners on an emotional sonic ride through imaginary landscapes and sprawling aural vistas. It’s incredible. Next week, on July 16th, he will release his latest, Newfoundout, on the excellent mappa label.

1. Atrium Musicae de Madrid / Gregorio Paniagua — Anakrousis / Orestes Stasimo (from Musique de la Grèce Antique, 1979 Harmonia Mundi)

2. Will Guthrie — Nist Nah (from Nist Nah, 2020 Black Truffle)

3. Jordan Nobles — Chiaroscuro (from Chiaroscuro, 2020 Redshift)

4. Album — Hommage à M. Cusson pour H. Hoek (from Album, 2021 Telephone Explosion Records)

5. Powerdove — Public Oblivion (from Machination, 2021 Murailles Music)

6. Olivia — Brilho Da Noite (from Corra O Risco, 1978 Continental)

7. Milton Nascimento — Carlos, Lúcia, Chico E Tiago (Eu Sou Uma Preta Velha Aqui Sentada Ao Sol) (from Milagre Dos Peixes, 1973 Odeon)

8. Eberhard Weber — More Colours (from The Colours of Chloë, 1974 ECM)

9. Strangeness Beauty — Team Beat (from Back to Nowhere, 1982 C-Note Records)

10. The Titillators — Red Spider Stomp (from Your Kind of Music, 2019 self-released)

11. Nick Storring — Untitled (unreleased, 2020)

12. Ashley Paul — Light Inside My Skin (from Ray, 2020 Slip)

13. TRYAL — Cameo (from Doggone, 2021 self-released)

14. Jai Uttal (feat. Lakshmi Shankar & Don Cherry) — Raghupati (from Footprints, 1990 Triloka Records)

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