Foxy Digitalis Mix #4: Cult Love

Over the past few years, an underground wave of noise and experimental sound has risen up in Tulsa, and a lot of it has been spearheaded by Cult Love. Cult Love is Natty Gray Watson, George Christ Holtzscher, and Lauran Rose Drummond, an art and music collective based in Tulsa. The trio have been putting on shows, slinging cassettes, merch, and so much more for the better part of seven years. Pushing their ideas further, from December 2019 to December 2020, they curated and participated in the application of floor-to-ceiling murals from 19 local artists, installed in the Cult House v 2.0. This mix is a sample of some of the stellar music and sound they have been releasing into the world through the years. More about Cult Love is coming soon to the pages of Foxy Digitalis. In the meantime, you can support their work via Bandcamp and their website.


  1. “Home” – Pisha
  2. “03” – Hutz
  3. “alba. tross” – birds beak
  4. “Downfall” – Benzo and Black Gambit
  5. “Lesser Beings” – WOE
  6. “Someone Was Watching” – lesteronthebeat
  7. “Heart Sparkle Gleam” – Rainbeaux
  8. “Any One Thing” – Solbakk (feat. Olivia and Caleb)
  9. “Could It Be” – djnoname
  10. “Wire” – HeartWerk
  11. Live at Tulsa Noisefest 2018 – Narco Alms
  12. “Life Is A Highway” – Olivia Woodall
  13. “J’ai Des Sentiments” – Kalup Linzy
  14. “Marital Morefiss” – Plunger Pete
  15. “Noisecore Quarantine” – Noah Beal & Natty Gray
  16. “Fan Favorite” – Scatter Girls
  17. Life at TAF Cameron Studios 12/6/19 – Beachmaster
  18. “Someone Clean Up That Synth (Demo)” – The Lukewarm
  19. “Mutant Power” – gaycay
  20. “The Deep Side of the Circle” – Bonemagic
  21. “Stellar” – St. Domonick
  22. “Drywall Obituary” – Teros (feat. Madeline Kassen)

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