Forest Management “String Loop Series”

These six pieces were originally released in 2017 in three separate parts, but Forest Management has reissued them on CD and made them available again digitally and the world, frankly, is better for it. String Loop Series is a lush, moving cascade of sound that wraps around itself, holding tight and guarding against the outside world. Repetitive motions build tension with sweeping orchestral tones stretching across infinity toward distant stars.

Each moment on String Loop Series is distilled in glass. “Virginia’s Vantage” is bathed in drama, pressure rising and anticipation growing even if there’s nothing concrete in the tea leaves. Gradual relief seeps in slowly, the sonic dissonance receding into “Lacking Only in Zeros” blanket of silver haze. In these sprawling waves, we are lost but not forgotten; adrift yet still part of a collective consciousness that is sinking beneath the weight of melancholy and dead air. 

Forest Management saturates these recurring ideas with a deliberate, sustained approach that pushes toward an endpoint that never arrives. Even in this half-hour deliberation of “Confiding Complacency,” it’s obvious that the journey is the finish line. There’s always another stretch of highway to turn down, and another solemn memory to recall. Within the massive aural spaces he’s created on these pieces, there will always be a place to hide out and recharge. Beautiful landscapes aren’t the only respite in a charred, blackened world. “Confiding Complacency” ends with the slowest fade out in the world, never wanting to let go as the sun sets into oblivion.

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