Hisato Higuchi “Bridges”

Fractured sentiments hang tenuously from a ghostly puppeteer’s fingers, strings entangled in vapor carrying the august tones of Hisato Higuchi’s “Bridges.” The song, his first offering since last year’s incredible キ、Que、消えん?, continues that fragile thread with Higuchi’s voice glazed across the languid, creeping guitar notes. Soft reverb blankets his sound world, cushioning the heavy blows so the mood hits like a velvet hammer. Higuchi is a master of these deceptively simple songs that hold so much complex emotion, showing just enough that their impact is felt long after they fade away. Bridges combines two versions of the song interconnected by a solo guitar piece. It’s a beautiful release that I’ve been revisiting daily since Higuchi released it, and I don’t imagine I’ll get my fill anytime soon. 

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