Tyresta & Ruan “Already Complete”

Focusing can be one of my biggest challenges. There are days where everything seems just out of reach, drifting by in the periphery like ghosts fading into the ether. Beautifully crafted moments are crystallized in Tyresta and Ruan’s collaborative Already Complete, purposefully at a distance with an invitation extended.

There’s a sheen across the entirety of Already Complete where everything feels new, untouched. Arpeggios break apart, drifting skyward on the perfectly named “Most Intimate.” It’s a closely-held expression, shown to a partner as a sign of trust. Warm synth pads welcome the sparkling tones, the contrast melting together to become a single entity. Quick moments like these can pass unnoticed, but in hindsight, they ultimately hold the most weight. Though more revelatory and anxious “New Life” teems with a similar effect, adding to the depth of understanding.

Across the synthetic sonic universe of Already Complete is a gamut of emotions. These are the sounds of a life well-lived and the sounds of centering the details of our lives while giving the proper space to appreciate them and hold them close. The glassine tones of closer “Views From Above” ripples with joyous, appreciative exultations, the closing ceremony of time well-spent, drifting nearer to the sun.

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