Video Premiere: Nasturtium “Across Withered Grass”

The opening guitar chords of “Across Withered Grass” float like prismatic reflections hovering above a swiftly moving current. Nasturtium, the duo of Geneva Skeen and Erin Dawson, holds a mirror toward the sun, bending the refracted waves into submission as bass growls, building into a towering inferno. Those calm early moments give way to sheer catharsis, screaming electronics firing rockets through black clouds while monuments lie in ruins. Sonic fantasies bleed into aural nightmares, feedback dousing the embers with gasoline, rekindling the death throes, and pushing through the scathing veil, back into the calm waters. “Across Withered Grass” is expansive and expressive, a memory that’s best forgotten but will never fade away.

“Across Withered Grass” is on the duo’s debut album, Please Us, out on September 17th via Room 40.

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