Caterina Barbieri and Lyra Pramuk “Knot of Spirit”

To kick off what promises to be an exciting new label, light-years, Italian composer and synthesist Caterina Barbieri joins forces with the incomparable Lyra Pramuk. “Knot of Spirit” is a spellbinding sonic paragon. Immediately the world shifts and Barbieri’s contemplative, slow-moving tones drip like crystals descending through the darkness. Pramuk is heard in the distance, a beacon of light piercing through the gauzy veil. In the embers of twilight, shadows and radiance choreograph intricate, weightless dances. Barbieri weaves mesmerizing tonal sequences, building in urgency, stars flickering out in succession while Pramuk’s soaring vocals transcend space and time.

As the shroud lifts and lilting arpeggios emerge from the ruins, Pramuk’s voice rotates across the spectrum, shapeshifting into magnetic forms while Barbieri weaves synthetic aural rivers flowing against gravity. Clouds try to throw shade, but in unison, Barbieri and Pramuk glow supernova and illuminate all the invisible connections that keep us afloat in the untethered mists of time. “Knot of Spirit” sits breathlessly among the best pieces of music I’ve heard this year. Stunning.

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