Foxy Digitalis Mix #9: Openly Weep

Openly Weep is the new solo project of Ryan Hall (Whited Sepulchre Records label owner and co-founder of both Tome to the Weather Machine and Goldrush Music Festival) and if there was ever an apt project name for right now, it’s this. His new EP, Overpass, is out now on A Red Thread and is a fantastic mix of rich, synthetic textures and ambient landscapes layer across progressive, intricate rhythms. Hall put together this fantastic mix for Foxy Digitalis lovingly called NOTHING BUT BANGERS and it certainly goes H A R D.

HHY & The Kampala Unit – Curse Go Back
Dubharp – Bamboo Cross (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)
Neo Geodesia – Fanta Rouge
Scotch Rolex – Omuzira (ft. MC Yallah)
Toya Delazy – Resurrection
Lauren Bousfield – Foster Care Kid Running Away Again
Realicide – WANT RUNS THIN
Locked Club – Irak
Duma – Lionsblood
Tyler Holmes – Nightmare in Paradise
Ветвь – Пока не наступит ночь
Ava Lux – Let it Go Never
TDJ – Open Air
Glacci – Pulse (feat. Eve Maret)
H Lite – Green Youth Heattech
Zvrra – Array of Light 01
Openly Weep – Responsibility Control

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