Track Premiere: Byron Westbrook “Mirror View (Second Contact)”

Byron Westbrook’s Distortion Hue is one of the year’s densest, most visceral drone records, but with his new album on Ash InternationalMirror Views, he takes a step back to view the wider landscape. Mirror Views is composed of cassette field recordings made in August of 2017, around the solar eclipse, combined with subtle synthetic elements. The effect is disarming on “Mirror View (Second Contact)” as ghostly tones rise and gently swarm the listener all while the ocean moves unanchored to any time or place. As the opening drones give way to the sound of waves crashing and eavesdrop on banal conversations, the attraction is magnetic and hypnotic. “Mirror View (Second Contact)” provides a beautiful first look at this stunning album. 

Mirror View is out on September 17th via Ash International.

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