Kafari “Blanket of Black”

Darkness and isolation breed incredible, beautiful moments of sonic wonder and relief on Kafari’s newest, Blanket of Black. Built around warm, alluring piano recordings, these smooth cycles are laden with acknowledgments of the swirling melancholy, but also firmly situated in the glow of sanguinity.

The alchemical optimism that flows through Blanket of Black is one of Kafari’s calling cards. His music swims in healing waters, always searching for ways to be a beacon for lost, despondent emotions. Lilting passages sing on pieces like “eternal flame,” “way of the intercepting fist,” and “the alchemist,” the hypnotic piano loops relaxed in the safe cadence of tomorrow’s glimmer. Riding through the bass channels, Kafari’s sense of the moment is peppered throughout the tonal shifts and emotional washes of sound. Eyes closed, it’s impossible not to drift away.

If the overwhelming sensation of hope and calm is Blanket of Black’s calling card, the way Kafari creates space for listeners to hold their inner shadows isn’t incidental. “rest my head” is resilient, each section a precursor for deeper psychic explorations. Sonically gentle and sympathetically crestfallen, each note is a reflection of a memory ready to drift into the heavenly void. He builds the beats and infuses unpredictable repetition into the piano loops to concede the tension of the moment while still pressing ahead optimistically. It’s a remarkable piece of music.

Blanket of Black is the latest indication that Kafari and his music will always be there when needed. In the middle of a rough few weeks, I am grateful for these sounds.

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