Foxy Digitalis Mix #15: Future Museums

Neil Lord’s Future Museums has been a mainstay in my headphones over the last few years. As he prepares to release his first LP on the excellent Aural Canyon label called Harpoon of Sunlight on September 17th, Neil created this beautiful mix to get lost in. He’s turned me onto some great music this year (the Tomas Bednarczyk tapes are perfection!) and this mix continues that theme. Pre-order his record and get ready to zone out.


Tomas Bednarczyk “Tropical Thicket”
Andra Ljos “Kifisos Gift”
K. Leimer “Dunne Luft”
One Million Eyes “Mustang”
Ecovillage “Mist”
MinaeMinae “Nackenwirbel”
Tuluum Shimmering “Along the Curve of the Mountain Shore”
Kiln “Kilnplate”
Mecanica Clasica “Columnas de Agua”
Josiah Steinbrick “Full Bloom”
Gwakasonne “Pita”
M. Sage “Harbor Drive”

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