Corben “Whose Echoes Live In Memory”

In the opening moments of Whose Echoes Live In Memory, swirling drones emerge from a blanket of fog as the dawn breaks on “Shadows Wake.” Corben’s music is slow and considered, never changing directions on a whim or venturing too far from the morning light. Intricate washes breathe in the cool air on “Isolation Kites,” sanguine tones swimming under a blanket of delicate hiss inviting listeners further into the cosmic light field. Expansive pads shift gently, a calming echo beckoning from just around the bend.

Much of Whose Echoes Live In Memory is buoyant, like the contemplative reverie of “Among the Oak.” It’s old world music pushed through a synthetic filter, a glimpse of an alternative reality where organic movements drift on the wind. “This Too Shall Pass” layers dusty guitar explorations with mournful chords, a sense of decay creeping up through the foundation, but Corben pushing forward across the abyss. Even in these heavier passages, his work lights the way.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly, but throughout Whose Echoes Live In Memory is a grounded sensibility that holds even the most airy moments together. Whimsical strings sing like a forlorn spirit across the bubbling arpeggios of standout, “Lester,” guiding the quiet path through every obstacle, every casualty with a steady hand. It’s a beautiful piece of music that stands within the lush sonic flora and invites anyone with a spare moment into this opulent and alluring soundworld.

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