Track Premiere: Field of Fear “Fallen Branch”

Ashes, the new album from Field of Fear, takes a heavy concept and transforms it into something dark and beautiful with an overwhelming power at its core. The pieces on Ashes were composed by processing pixel data from photographs taken of the aftermath of the CZU Lightning Complex fires in California last year. That data was then converted into frequencies that act “both a lament for and embodiment of the devastation wrought by these fires.”

On the second single, “Fallen Branch,” the visceral nature of this project shines through. Opening with formless, contemplative drones that shift in subtle, barely perceptible ways, it’s preparation for the havoc in the distance. Hellfire rips open the sky, sawtooth shrapnel raining down like acid-tinged axioms about the ephemeral nature of being and a reminder that wood is as impermanent as flesh when fire rages. Pressure builds, tonal density grinding the surface to ash. There’s no place to hide when the eye locks in and the path grows exponentially before us. 

Ashes is out on October 15 and can be pre-ordered below. Proceeds from this album will be donated to CCF’s Wildfire Relief Fund.

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