Video Premiere: Curved Light “Perfect Blue”

Peter Tran’s Curved Light project’s new album, Spirit Echo, is a surprise. Taking a more beat-driven, direct approach, Tran has crafted an apprehensive collection of songs where life and death is at the center. Trepidation flows like sonic currents throughout Spirit Echo, only finding a sense of solace and closure at the very end. 

“Perfect Blue” closes the album, almost as a coda, with layers of spiraling, reflective synth explorations as though Tran is dancing around, searching for the right words to say goodbye. Midway through, pads swell into towering chord structures and as the color palette in the video incorporates yellows and pinks, a brief moment of solace is found. It’s short, but powerful. Tran moves back to the contemplative exultations as the piece closes with a gentle whisper. 

Spirit Echo is out on October 1 and Tran is running a Bandcamp vinyl campaign for the album. Pre-order below.

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